How to Sell Your Rolex Watch to a Pawn Shop for Top Dollar

Do you currently own a pre-owned Rolex watch and need to generate some instant cash? You will be thrilled to learn that there are high-end pawn shops that are throwing thousands of dollars into used Rolexes. We hope the following tips will help you gain top dollar for the sale of your Rolex DateJust, Rolex President, Rolex Sea-Dweller, Rolex Yacht-Master, Rolex Submariner, or any other Rolex model:

  • Locate a Reputable Pawn Shop that Specializes in Purchasing Rolex Watches – There are several pawn shops out there in the world, but very few truly know the worth of Rolex watches or are willing to truly pay what they are worth. Thanks to the Internet, you can search for leading pawn shops that live to buy Rolex. Seek out customer reviews online prior to reaching out to prospective pawnshops.
  • Know How Much Your Rolex is Worth – Before trying to make a deal with a pawn broker for your pre-owned Rolex, it is vital that you know exactly what your watch is worth. For instance, if you want to sell your Rolex DateJust that is in great condition, try Googling Pre-Owed Rolex DateJust Price and browsing through reputable Websites. Locate your exact watch that is in a similar condition. It is also a great idea to go to get your watch appraised at a jeweler.
  • Don’t Cave In to a Bad Deal – Tough financial times can cause the best of us to make impulsive decisions. However, you must be aware that Rolex watches are at a premium in today’s economy. Don’t allow for a pawnbroker to take advantage of your current situation. Stand up for the worth of your watch and be willing to walk away if you must. There are amazing pawn shop Huntington Beach brokers who will pay you what your Rolex is worth.

Beyond Rolex watches, top pawn dealers are looking to buy gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds for a premium. This is due to the questionable state of the world economy. You can sell gold and other items at market rate and reap the benefits. The secret to your success is to build a relationship with a pawnbroker that you trust. They are sure to be there when you need them most!

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How To Sell Valuable Items To Pawn Shops

Do you have one or more valuable items such as jewelry, gold pieces, luxury watches, antiques, or electronics for which you are seeking cash? The good news is that in today’s world, high-end pawn shops are offering cash on the spot for the right items. We hope the following tips will help you win by selling precious items to pawnshops around the country.

get money for your items at a pawnshop

  1. Small yet valuable items are the key. Most pawn shops are looking for things like rare pieces in the form of jewelry, diamonds, and gold coins. Additionally, luxury watches made by Rolex can gain top dollar. Many people have thought by unloading a valuable piece of furniture will result in large amounts of cash; however, most pawnbrokers aren’t able to accommodate them. It is probably best to reach out to brokers that specialize in antique furniture in such a case.
  2. Research is vital. You can’t expect to walk into a pawnshop to sell gold jewelry, luxury watches, or other items without knowing their history. For instance, say your grandmother left you a beautiful diamond ring. It is in your best interest to research where the ring came from, how pure the gold is, and what is the clarity of the diamond. Researching a piece of jewelry’s history is not only helpful in justifying how much cash you want to gain from its sale; it can also be an interesting adventure.
  3. Connect with the right broker. There are many pawn brokers out there, thus you don’t have to settle for second best. Shop around until you find the right deal and feel comfortable with who you are dealing with. Never feel as though you are being forced into a deal, and never be afraid to walk away.

If you are a fan of Pawn Stars, you are probably already aware of the fact that pawnshop owners are just people. By creating a long-lasting relationship with a pawn dealer that has your best interest at heart, you can gain an avenue for garnering instant cash. Also, if you want to buy gold, jewelry or other items, an honest pawnbroker can help you find the item of your dreams at an amazing price. 

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Find Luxury Items at a High-End Pawnshop

In today’s world, you may be quite amazed at what you can discover in a high-end pawn shop. As revealed by the ever and  so popular show Pawn Stars, people throughout the United States and beyond are seeking to gain large amounts of cash for all sorts of rare and valuable items. This creates numerous buying opportunities for luxury item seekers!

When an item is sold to a pawnshop or made available after an individual has pawned it (received a loan for) an item and failed to repay the debt, a pawnbroker has the opportunity to sell it to a reseller or make it available for purchase in his/her pawnshop.

The following is a snapshot at what you may be able to find at a high-end nearby pawn dealer

  • Rolex Watches – You have the power to find genuine pre-owned Rolex watches that are in near perfect condition. Because of the current demand for precious metals, many people sell Rolex at top dollar, which then makes amazingly beautiful and valuable watches available at affordable prices. Long-time Rolex collectors understand that making a Rolex purchase is much like buying a car, the minute one walks out of the shop the watch’s value drops instantly. However, when they buy a genuine used Rolex, its value has the ability to increase and the investment truly pays off.
  • Designer Jewelry – Pawnbrokers are also offering top dollar for valuable designer gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. This is great news if you are searching for a wedding ring, an impressive bracelet, or a pair of beautiful diamond earrings for a gift. Consumers are learning quickly that they can find pre-owned jewelry that looks as good as new, rather than paying excessive amounts for brand new items.
  • Estate Pieces – Pawn shops also make beautiful estate pieces available, such as mirrors, chandeliers, rugs and rare art. Due to the economy and the rapid rate of foreclosures, estate pieces can be found at amazing prices.
  • Cars – Some high-end pawn shops even sell rare cars. If you are a car collector, you may be surprised that you can find the one of your dreams at a pawnshop that specializes in them.

The secret to finding the item you are searching for is to search the Web and make a few calls. Also, make sure you don’t make hasty decisions when buying. Do your homework and demand that the dealer prove the item’s authenticity. It is also a good idea to check out a pawnbroker’s ratings online.

Go out and have a blast at a pawnshop near you…you are sure to have an adventure!

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Huntington Beach Pawn Shops

Huntington Beach, Orange County Pawn Shop

Looking for a local Huntington Beach pawn shop store or one in Newport Beach, or Irvine?

Our local pawn shop serves all residents of Orange County including but not limited to Huntington Beach, Westminster, Long Beach, Irvine, Anaheim and Seal Beach.  Unlike most pawnshops or pawnbrokers, we specialize in making loans on gold, jewelry loans, loans on art, loans on used Rolex watches, and other fine watches, gold coins, and loans on 14k, 18k, and 24k gold, estate platinum, diamond jewelry.  Our friendly & knowledgeable staff at  pawn shop in Huntington Beach will make sure your visit is fast and hassle free.  So whether you are searching for “gold pawn shop”, “jewelry pawn shop”, or “local pawn shops”, even “Huntington beach pawn shops“, we are confident you will find us to be your best friend when you need cash money.

Huntington Beach Pawn Shop Location

Huntington Beach Pawn SHop Idrections

Goldenwest Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92683
Phone: (714)465-4950(714)465-4950
Business License #: 1980-1998725

There are many Huntington Beach pawn shops throughout the Orange County area. They have many different specialties and many different levels of quality, even though they all ostensibly provide the same kind of service. These tips for finding a great Huntington Beach pawn shops will help you find the right kind of Huntington Beach pawn shops, but can also be used to find a good store anywhere in the country.

Good Huntington Beach Pawn Shops Screen Their Items Before Pawning

The main factor that differentiates good Huntington pawn shops is that the best ones will never take an item without examining it first. They will look over it, confirm that it is valuable, in good condition, and something that their customers will want. This pre-screening process makes it much easier for a non-expert customer to buy with confidence. At Huntington Beach pawn shops that don’t do this type of screening, a typical HB resident would be lost among a wide variety of valuable and non-valuable items.

Pawn Shop Store

Look For A Shop That Looks Welcoming

Good pawn shops in Huntington Beach go out of their way to be professional and welcoming to anyone. They will be set up more like a jewelry and fine arts boutique than a typical expected pawn shop. You should also expect a good Huntington Beach pawn shop to have people on hand who can help you explore the selection. If you’re wandering through alone, it may be time to look at other Huntington Beach pawn shops.

If You’re Selling, Make Sure You Choose Huntington Beach Pawn Shops That Specialize In Your Item

Many people don’t know that Huntington Beach pawn shops often have particular specialties. These specialties don’t preclude the pawn shops from picking up other items, but you want to be sure you seek out Huntington Beach pawn shops that specialize in the particular item you want to sell. An informed buyer will almost always give you a better price simply because they know the item’s real value at a glance. Other Huntington Beach pawn shops will have to guess, making their offers lower than what you’d get from a specialty pawn.

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How do I get a pawn loan in Orange County?


Believe it or not, this is a question we get asked a lot. Getting a pawn shop loan, or a jewelry loan is much easier than most people think.  Since no credit is required, anyone and everyone is approved for the loan.  Our pawn loans are based solely on the value of the gold or jewelry item.  Unlike a traditional bank loan or personal loan, no credit check is required. Our pawn shop store makes fast and easy pawn jewelry loans from $2500 to $20,000 in just minutes. We make pawn loans on;

  • gold
  • jewelry
  • diamonds
  • silver
  • rings
  • chains
  • art
  • coins
  • bullion

So the next time you need a fast cash loan and don’t have 2 weeks time to wait for a bank to approve you, call your friends at Pawn Shop Huntington Beach at 714-465-4950714-465-4950.  We make pawn loans to resiendts all over Orange County including;

Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Long Beach, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, Tustin

Please call or visit us at Goldenwest Street Suite 102, Huntington Beach, CA 92683

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