Pawn Shops are Changing the Lives of Many Americans

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune a growing number of Americans are utilizing high end pawn shops to fund major life changes. Whether in the form of pawn loans or cash gained from selling valuable items such as gold bullion, gold jewelry, diamonds, rare antiques, or collectible cars, high end pawn shops are investing heavily into valuable goods.

A common scenario is that of a family seeking new opportunities in another area of the United States. Instead of taking out high interest loans, family jewelry, Rolex watches, and other items are gathered up and sold to the highest bidder. The instant cash gained is then used to cover moving expenses and other bills.

An increasing number of individuals are also using the cash gained from selling silver, rare art, and high quality furniture to fund life abroad and/or long-term travel around the world. According to numerous polls throughout the United States, many citizens are choosing to become minimalists and focus on simplifying their lives. This means making major life changes and redirecting energy to new and inspiring pursuits.

In order to gain cash from a leading pawn shop, a consumer must first know the market worth of a particular item, seek out a pawnshop willing to pay a significant amount of cash, and make a deal. Where pawn loans are concerned, a consumer utilizes a valuable item as leverage for a loan. If for any reason the loan can’t be paid back in time, the item becomes the property of the pawn lender.

The pawnshop industry is nothing new, as the business arose more than 3,000 years ago and has fluctuated in popularity throughout the ages. While there are numerous pawn shops across the land, it is important that people seek out those with solid reputations. A great indicator of trustworthiness is online reviews which have been proven a valuable tool for getting to the right pawnbroker.

With a growing number of pawn-related TV shows popping up on a regular basis and Americans working to find creative channels for change, the popularity of pawn shops is expected to continue to grow.

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How to Sell Your Rolex Watch to a Pawn Shop for Top Dollar

Do you currently own a pre-owned Rolex watch and need to generate some instant cash? You will be thrilled to learn that there are high-end pawn shops that are throwing thousands of dollars into used Rolexes. We hope the following tips will help you gain top dollar for the sale of your Rolex DateJust, Rolex President, Rolex Sea-Dweller, Rolex Yacht-Master, Rolex Submariner, or any other Rolex model:

  • Locate a Reputable Pawn Shop that Specializes in Purchasing Rolex Watches – There are several pawn shops out there in the world, but very few truly know the worth of Rolex watches or are willing to truly pay what they are worth. Thanks to the Internet, you can search for leading pawn shops that live to buy Rolex. Seek out customer reviews online prior to reaching out to prospective pawnshops.
  • Know How Much Your Rolex is Worth – Before trying to make a deal with a pawn broker for your pre-owned Rolex, it is vital that you know exactly what your watch is worth. For instance, if you want to sell your Rolex DateJust that is in great condition, try Googling Pre-Owed Rolex DateJust Price and browsing through reputable Websites. Locate your exact watch that is in a similar condition. It is also a great idea to go to get your watch appraised at a jeweler.
  • Don’t Cave In to a Bad Deal – Tough financial times can cause the best of us to make impulsive decisions. However, you must be aware that Rolex watches are at a premium in today’s economy. Don’t allow for a pawnbroker to take advantage of your current situation. Stand up for the worth of your watch and be willing to walk away if you must. There are amazing pawn shop Huntington Beach brokers who will pay you what your Rolex is worth.

Beyond Rolex watches, top pawn dealers are looking to buy gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds for a premium. This is due to the questionable state of the world economy. You can sell gold and other items at market rate and reap the benefits. The secret to your success is to build a relationship with a pawnbroker that you trust. They are sure to be there when you need them most!

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Find Luxury Items at a High-End Pawnshop

In today’s world, you may be quite amazed at what you can discover in a high-end pawn shop. As revealed by the ever and  so popular show Pawn Stars, people throughout the United States and beyond are seeking to gain large amounts of cash for all sorts of rare and valuable items. This creates numerous buying opportunities for luxury item seekers!

When an item is sold to a pawnshop or made available after an individual has pawned it (received a loan for) an item and failed to repay the debt, a pawnbroker has the opportunity to sell it to a reseller or make it available for purchase in his/her pawnshop.

The following is a snapshot at what you may be able to find at a high-end nearby pawn dealer

  • Rolex Watches – You have the power to find genuine pre-owned Rolex watches that are in near perfect condition. Because of the current demand for precious metals, many people sell Rolex at top dollar, which then makes amazingly beautiful and valuable watches available at affordable prices. Long-time Rolex collectors understand that making a Rolex purchase is much like buying a car, the minute one walks out of the shop the watch’s value drops instantly. However, when they buy a genuine used Rolex, its value has the ability to increase and the investment truly pays off.
  • Designer Jewelry – Pawnbrokers are also offering top dollar for valuable designer gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. This is great news if you are searching for a wedding ring, an impressive bracelet, or a pair of beautiful diamond earrings for a gift. Consumers are learning quickly that they can find pre-owned jewelry that looks as good as new, rather than paying excessive amounts for brand new items.
  • Estate Pieces – Pawn shops also make beautiful estate pieces available, such as mirrors, chandeliers, rugs and rare art. Due to the economy and the rapid rate of foreclosures, estate pieces can be found at amazing prices.
  • Cars – Some high-end pawn shops even sell rare cars. If you are a car collector, you may be surprised that you can find the one of your dreams at a pawnshop that specializes in them.

The secret to finding the item you are searching for is to search the Web and make a few calls. Also, make sure you don’t make hasty decisions when buying. Do your homework and demand that the dealer prove the item’s authenticity. It is also a good idea to check out a pawnbroker’s ratings online.

Go out and have a blast at a pawnshop near you…you are sure to have an adventure!

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How To Find The Best Huntington Beach Pawn Shops

There are many Huntington Beach pawn shops throughout the Orange County area. They have many different specialties and many different levels of quality, even though they all ostensibly provide the same kind of service. These tips for finding a great Huntington Beach pawn shops will help you find the right kind of Huntington Beach pawn shops, but can also be used to find a good store anywhere in the country.

Good Huntington Beach Pawn Shops Screen Their Items Before Pawning

The main factor that differentiates good Irvine pawn shops is that the best ones will never take an item without examining it first. They will look over it, confirm that it is valuable, in good condition, and something that their customers will want. This pre-screening process makes it much easier for a non-expert customer to buy with confidence. At Huntington Beach pawn shops that don’t do this type of screening, a typical HB resident would be lost among a wide variety of valuable and non-valuable items.

Look For A Shop That Looks Welcoming

Good pawn shops in Huntington Beach go out of their way to be professional and welcoming to anyone. They will be set up more like a jewelry and fine arts boutique than a typical expected pawn shop. You should also expect a good Huntington Beach pawn shop to have people on hand who can help you explore the selection. If you’re wandering through alone, it may be time to look at other Huntington Beach pawn shops.

If You’re Selling, Make Sure You Choose Huntington Beach Pawn Shops That Specialize In Your Item

Many people don’t know that Huntington Beach pawn shops often have particular specialties. These specialties don’t preclude the pawn shops from picking up other items, but you want to be sure you seek out Huntington Beach pawn shops that specialize in the particular item you want to sell. An informed buyer will almost always give you a better price simply because they know the item’s real value at a glance. Other Huntington Beach pawn shops will have to guess, making their offers lower than what you’d get from a specialty pawn.

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How to Get a Motorcycle Pawn Loan

Motorcycle PawnAre you in desperate need of cash and looking for a short-term loan? If you are the owner of a motorcycle of any kind and own it outright, you may be able to gain a motorcycle pawn loans to help you make ends meet.

How a Motorcycle Pawn Loan Works

To gain an instant loan, all you have to do is bring your motorcycle in to a certified pawnshop Huntington Beach and have its value appraised. Once its value assessed, you will be given the ability to borrow against a certain amount. For instance, if your motorcycle is assessed at $5,000, you can borrow either a fraction of its worth or the full amount.

What Is Needed for Loan Approval

The approval process is quite simple. All you have to do is provide: (1) Proof of ownership in the form of a motorcycle title, (2) Proof of insurance, and (3) State driver’s license.

In the case that you have poor credit, you don’t have to worry! A pawn loan doesn’t require a credit check and isn’t reported to credit agencies. The loan is granted against the value of the item pawned. In the case you can’t pay it back, your motorcycle is used as leverage. Thus, if you are uncertain as to whether you will be able to pay the loan back, you may want to consider another form of funding.

Tips for Pawn Loan Success

To effectively take advantage of “motorcycle pawns,” you should:

  • Pay the loan back as soon as possible. The longer it takes to pay a loan back, the more interest you will pay.
  • Make all monthly payments. Just like a traditional loan, you make monthly payments. If you miss a payment, you may be subject to additional fees and/or increased interest rates.
  • Know all terms. Carefully review all terms and conditions surrounding your loan before signing an agreement. Don’t rush the process or be afraid to ask questions.

Finally, it is essential to find a pawnbroker that you trust. In today’s economy, there are a growing number of brokers to choose from. Shop around until you find just the right one!

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The Wall Street Journal Reports on Why Pawnshops Are Thriving

Why Pawn Shops are PopularThis week the Wall Street Journal shares that pawn shops are providing value to consumers throughout the United States. The report points to the fact that banks are failing consumers because of their unwillingness to lend to everyday men and women. The article states that “borrowers on the fringes of the financial system are gravitating to these companies because they offer short-term loans” instantly to help individuals and families get back on their feet.

Additionally, on Wall Street stock shares of nationwide pawn chains have jumped to record highs in recent weeks. Experts agree that it is possible that shares will continue to rise in the coming months and years. Additionally, it is expected that the number of pawnshops throughout the country will rise exponentially in the coming years.

Top Reasons for Gaining Pawn Loans

The article points out that people normally utilize pawn shops when they are short on rent, need extra funds to cover monthly expenses, and for unexpected emergencies. The reporter also reveals that pawn loans on electronics, jewelry, gold and other items are only beneficial when they are paid off in a timely manner.

Fees and Interest Rates

Because pawn loans are intended for short-term use, the reporter noted that pawn loan fees and interest rates can be quite high. The borrower is made aware of this when the loan agreement is drawn up. While rates can be quite high, the industry is becoming more and more competitive each day. This is why one should carefully choose Orange County pawnshops offering high quality service and affordable rates.

Selling Valuable to Pawn Shops

Not covered in the Wall Street article is the option to sell jewelry, gold, silver, diamonds, art pieces, antiques and electronics to high end pawn shops. This is another way to generate instant cash for financial emergencies. It is recommended that prior to selling a precious item to a pawnshop, one should take time to carefully research its worth and shop around for a pawnbroker with a powerful network of resellers.

To read the full Wall Street Journal article surrounding pawnshops go to:

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How to Discover Your Dream Wedding Ring at High End Pawn Shops

Engagement RingAre you in the process of planning your future with your loved one and looking for ways to save money in the process? It has become quite common for future brides and grooms to discover their dream rings and other jewelry in high-end pawn shops.

Because of today’s challenged economies and the increased gold prices, you will be amazed at what you can find at pawnshops.

To make the most of your time during your search:

  • Find a specialty pawn broker. Many pawn shops specialize in various products including fine jewelry, Rolex watches, electronics, and/or estate pieces. With a little research, you can find a dealer who may possess exactly what you are looking for and more.
  • Know exactly what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. Are you looking for a basic wedding ring or one with lots of bling? It is best policy to know which brand and style you’re looking for and to determine its worth before you try to strike a deal.
  • Consider selling jewelry or watches for store credit. Most pawn shops will give you store credit if you sell gold, silver, platinum or Rolex watches. Now is a great time to sell and gain because precious metals prices are solid. You can then use that credit/cash for the purchase of your wedding rings.
  • Work with a broker you trust. If you begin dealing with a broker that seems shady, know that you can leave and find a better one. Don’t get caught up in the emotion of your purchase if the deal isn’t right or the broker is pressuring you.

Once you get started on your search, you will be amazed at how much fun the process can be. You may also find yourself the owner of a much more impressive and beautiful ring than you imagined. Purchasing pre-owned jewelry can save you thousands of dollars, while introducing you and your loved one to exciting contemporary and vintage pieces. Search for Orange County pawn shops today!

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Pawn Rolex

Pawn Rolex Watches

Looking to get a quick cash loan on a Rolex watch? Pawn Rolex watches and other fine wristwatches at our local pawn shop store in Orange County. We specialize in making high dollar jewelry loans on gold, diamonds, and watches.  Located right here in Huntington Beach, CA., we can easily serve all Orange County residents. Our watch loans typically start at $2500 and go up as high as you need.  All loans, including jewelry loans and watch loans, or Rolex loans, are made on the spot and take only a few minutes to process. And since all Rolex pawn loans are based solely on the value of the watch, you don’t need credit to get approved. So the net time you need cash, turn your used Rolex watch into an instant pawn loan at Pawn Shop Huntington Beach, CA at Goldenwest Street.

Pawn Rolex watches

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Auto Pawn

Auto Pawns Loans are easy at our Pawn Shop in Huntington Beach.

Auto PawnHave you ever heard the term “auto pawn” and wondered what the process is all about? The concept is quite simple when broken down. Basically, if you own a car outright, you can borrow against its equity for a short-term loan.

For example, in the case that your car is worth $10,000, you can in theory borrow up to $10,000. You would then agree on terms and conditions that require a monthly payment and include an interest rate. If you fail to make your payments on time or fail to pay you will most likely be subject to fees, a higher interest rates, and chance losing your vehicle.

How Does an Auto Pawn Differ from a Bank/Traditional Loan?

  • No credit checks are required and no reporting to credit bureaus – When you apply for a bank loan, your credit is run and granted loans show up on your credit report. Auto pawn, jewelry pawn, and gold pawn loans don’t require credit checks. This is extremely helpful for those who have undergone a recent bankruptcy, home foreclosure or have a low credit rating.
  • The car is used as collateral – Traditional loans are based on faith that you will pay the loan back. On the other hand, when you participate in a pawn loan, the item pawned is used as collateral. If for some reason you default on the loan, you will lose the object you choose to pawn.
  • Auto pawn loans are usually granted instantly – Once you are approved for the loan, you can usually expect cash on the spot. They are great for emergencies. Some traditional loans can take quite some time to get approved.

If you are in a tough spot financially, you may want to consider an auto pawn. For approval, you must share proof that you own your car outright, have auto insurance and be able to make monthly payments. The sooner you pay off the loan the better, as interest quickly accumulates. Make sure you think carefully about your decision and find a pawn shop Huntington Beach that you trust.

We wish you luck as you find a deal that works best for your future!

Get the Cash you need with no credit checks!
At Pawn Shop Huntington Beach, you can borrow instant cash money against your car or truck in  minutes.  Sound simple?  That’s because it is.  Our quick and easy auto pawn loans get you the cash you need with an affordable payment plan. With us, you decide how much money you want to borrow and we’ll set up a payment plan to fit your budget.

Bad Credit – OK
We can loan you cash money even if you have bad credit or you’ve had a prior bankruptcy or repossession.

Borrow up to 60% of the value of your vehicle
If you own an vehicle that is paid off or nearly paid off, we can give you an auto pawn loan from $2500 up to half the wholesale value of your car with interest rates starting at just 5% per month.

Auto Pawn Loans
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Jewelry Pawn Shop

Looking for a Jewelry Pawn Shop in Orange County?

Borrow $1,000’s of dollars in cash from our jewelry pawn shop in Huntington Beach.  We will buy or loan on gold, silver, jewelry, diamonds, Rolex watches, Cartier, rings, art, cars, or almost anything of value. We also make loans on Rolex watches. We have an expert in-house Rolex watch manager that can quickly appraise your Rolex watch and give you a Rolex loan in less than 10 minutes. We are one of Orange County’s most acclaimed used Rolex watch store so we now up to date market values.

Call us today for a free evaluation on your gold jewelry at the jewelry pawn experts in Huntington Beach.  Just call us at 714-465-4950.

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