Covering Your Rent with a Pawn Loan

Pawn Gold to Pay RentAre you having a hard time making rent this month and need a short-term loan? It can be quite difficult to get a bank loan in today’s economy, especially if you have a low credit score or recent bankruptcy. Whatever you do, don’t lose hope as you navigate through your financial woes.

To make ends meet you may want to take on a second job, look for a more lucrative career, or consider taking pawn loans. This popular, non-traditional loan will see you use a possession as collateral in an effort to gain instant cash when financially strained.

Common Items Pawned

  • Jewelry. One can easily pawn gold and other precious metals such as silver and platinum in today’s economy.
  • Diamonds. Pawn diamonds for top dollar at high-end pawn shops.
  • Watches. Top quality watches such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, and other prestigious brands are ideal for gaining much needed cash.
  • Estate pieces, antiques, and art. Rare family heirlooms can be quite valuable. When pawning, it is important to fully research their worth to gain the most equitable loan.
  • Electronics. Items such as flat panel TVs, computers, iPads, and iPhones can provide some cash. They aren’t as valuable as precious metals or diamonds, but they can help make ends meet.
  • Cars. An auto pawn can help you raise a substantial amount of cash. To obtain one, you must own the car outright and be able to provide proof of ownership.

The Definition of a Pawn Loan

A pawn loan allows for you to gain cash while using a valuable item as collateral. Unlike a traditional loan in which a lending institution decides to grant a loan based on faith and one’s credit score, if one cannot repay a pawn loan, the item becomes the property of the pawnbroker. Each month you are required to make a minimum payment by a specific day. In the case that a payment isn’t met, fees and increased interest rates are applied to the loan. The sooner you pay off the loan, the less interest you will pay.

If you have found yourself short on cash for rent, this may be a perfect option for you and your family. It is important to find a lender that you trust and know exactly to what terms you are agreeing.

Find a highly regarded pawnshop Orange County as you work through your financial struggles. It may truly help you find your footing!

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The Wall Street Journal Reports on Why Pawnshops Are Thriving

Why Pawn Shops are PopularThis week the Wall Street Journal shares that pawn shops are providing value to consumers throughout the United States. The report points to the fact that banks are failing consumers because of their unwillingness to lend to everyday men and women. The article states that “borrowers on the fringes of the financial system are gravitating to these companies because they offer short-term loans” instantly to help individuals and families get back on their feet.

Additionally, on Wall Street stock shares of nationwide pawn chains have jumped to record highs in recent weeks. Experts agree that it is possible that shares will continue to rise in the coming months and years. Additionally, it is expected that the number of pawnshops throughout the country will rise exponentially in the coming years.

Top Reasons for Gaining Pawn Loans

The article points out that people normally utilize pawn shops when they are short on rent, need extra funds to cover monthly expenses, and for unexpected emergencies. The reporter also reveals that pawn loans on electronics, jewelry, gold and other items are only beneficial when they are paid off in a timely manner.

Fees and Interest Rates

Because pawn loans are intended for short-term use, the reporter noted that pawn loan fees and interest rates can be quite high. The borrower is made aware of this when the loan agreement is drawn up. While rates can be quite high, the industry is becoming more and more competitive each day. This is why one should carefully choose Orange County pawnshops offering high quality service and affordable rates.

Selling Valuable to Pawn Shops

Not covered in the Wall Street article is the option to sell jewelry, gold, silver, diamonds, art pieces, antiques and electronics to high end pawn shops. This is another way to generate instant cash for financial emergencies. It is recommended that prior to selling a precious item to a pawnshop, one should take time to carefully research its worth and shop around for a pawnbroker with a powerful network of resellers.

To read the full Wall Street Journal article surrounding pawnshops go to:

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Your Guide To The Best Gold Pawn: Finding Exceptional Bargains At Pawn Shops

Gold Pawn ShopsThe best pawn shops in Huntington Beach will hand-select gold, jewelry, platinum, and other items on a case by case basis. They don’t take everything that’s offered into gold pawn, which already puts them one step ahead of other pawn shops. When you visit a shop like Pawn Shop Huntington Beach, the quality screening has already been done for you, making it much easier to find the best bargains. Although every piece is guaranteed high quality, there will always be some outstanding pieces whose quality and price will simply make them the best gold pawn buys. Recognizing these items is key to successful gold pawn buying.

Great Gold Pawn Can Be A Diamond In The Rough

As a shopper, it’s natural that you will be attracted by whatever looks the most beautiful as you walk into the pawn shops. While this is a normal reaction and a good guideline to find nice pieces, to get the most value for your dollar you’ll need a slightly different approach. Gold pawn shop prices depend on many things, but one of the best ways to find a deal is by looking for the items that aren’t so obviously stunning. They may have slight defects which can be fixed easily by a jeweler. They may not be as eye-catching as what’s nearby. The key is to take a look at everything available in gold pawn and then make your decision.

An Expensive Piece Can Be A Great Deal

The other common mistake that gold pawn buyers make is ruling out the purchase of a certain piece because they think it’s just plain too expensive. While some pieces may be expensive, they can also be a really exceptional buy because even that expensive price is much lower than its retail. You have to know what each gold pawn item would sell for outside the shop, or you’re never going to have an idea what really is the best price inside the pawn shops.

Pawn Shop Huntington Beach is happy to help you discover our gold pawn selection. We pre-screen our items for quality and value, so you’ll know that whatever you pick is a good choice. Contact us today online, or visit our location here in Huntington Beach at Goldenwest Street Huntington Beach, CA 92647 to see our gold, platinum, fine art, and other collectors’ pieces.

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Gold And Silver Pawn Shop

Looking for local gold and silver pawn shops near you in Orange County?  Pawn Shop Huntington Beach is a leading gold & silver pawn shop conveniently located right of the 405 freeway in Huntington Beach, CA.  They have been making pawn loans on gold and silver for almost 30 years so they have the experience and skills necessary to get you cash on the spot for gold, silver, jewelry, sterling, coins, watches, and more.  Buy, sell, or get a loan on anything real gold or silver. They even pawn platinum and estate jewelry pieces like Rolex watches and silver candlesticks.  Pawn gold or pawn silver and get the best value at our local pawn shop on Goldenwest Street 1 block south of Bolsa Ave.

The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop In Beautiful Orange County, CA

Gold & silver prices have reached all time highs with gold still near a peak of $1400 per troy ounce and silver pushing almost $30 as of this post.  That means the average gold class ring that used to be worth $45 is now worth $225. Or that sterling silver tea set that was once worth only $700 is nor value at over $4200.  So if you are sitting on some old gold or silver items collecting dust in a closet, turn them into instant cash at our local gold and silver pawn shop at  Pawn Shop Huntington Beach on Goldenwest Street in Huntington Beach, CA.

Gold and silver pawn shops have really become much more popular with people these last few years as gold prices and silver prices haves reached levels never seen before. This spike together with these tough economic times across America have left some families struggling to meet budget requirements. Our gold pawn volume is up over 200% from 3 years ago and our pawn silver activity has risen dramatically since 2006.  The TV show Pawn Stars has also made pawn shops a bit more in vogue as the series has become a big hit across the US.

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

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