Pawn Shops Online

The best way to barter for a fair and balanced price on any kind of item is always in person. Face to face, where you can see the establishment, learn about their process and then feel good about the price you’ve received whether you’re pawning an old guitar or grandma’s heirloom gold ring. With pawn shops online, you don’t always know exactly who you’re working with and whether they are being honest with you regarding the rates and fees, and cash pricing they are offering you for your items. Despite their popularity, as with any other online business- pawn shops tends to be a gamble.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are committed to providing our customers with quality prices and great service. We also provide fast, friendly, and confidential cash loans, often in less than five minutes! We offer an interesting shopping experience so come visit us and see what a local pawn shop is all about! The difference between a local shop like us and pawn shops online is the careful customer service and attention that you’ll receive. We provide quick turn around and can offer cash the same day so it’s actually faster in-store than it is online!

If you love the feeling of getting a truly great deal than you should feel good about visiting our Huntington Beach location where a real person will review and value your items with you and offer you a fair deal right there on the spot. We specialize in gold and jewelry which everyone has laying around somewhere. Once your gold has been bought the buyer will usually melt it down into bars that will then either be sold or used to make new jewelry to be enjoyed by its new owner. However, you probably will not be too worried about where the gold goes. You will be too busy enjoying your new found cash.

Pawn shops online just can’t compare to the service you receive in our local store. Stop by for a free quote today. Getting rid of your old gold is an easy, fast way to get cash for expenses now. We’re located in at Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach, CA, 92683. We are certified to buy gold, diamonds, platinum, silver and more. For additional information right now, call (714) 465-4950.

Posted at April 26th, 2010.

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