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Somewhere along the way pawn shops got a bad reputation. When realistically, they provide the community a valuable service where you can take your old unwanted items and turn them into cash without the hassle of finding a buyer yourself or holding a massive garage sale. The business model of this type is relatively straight forward which makes knowing what you’re getting when you get there that much easier. First of all there is you, the customer. You bring in unwanted items like broken gold watches, diamond jewelry, etc. and the pawn broker will analyze the true market value of the item as either a whole piece or as a scrap piece. A scrap piece would be disassembled and sold as lump gold, silver, etc.

The next step for pawn shops is to value your gold based on weight multiplied by the market value- which fluctuates frequently. If the pawn broker feels the items are worth their weight and are pure materials they will offer you a cash price on the spot. If not they will be honest with you so you don’t continue thinking that what you have is valuable in the pawn market- some items just aren’t. Often times, your items will be worth more than you expected and that is when people get really excited. When they discover that what they thought was just an old broken gold piece is actually worth its weight in cash.

The final process is done behind the scenes. After the purchase from the customer is completed the pawn shops usually use an independent broker to take the scrap pieces, melt them down and then re-sell them. Or they may have an in-house ability to melt down the pieces. Either way the end result is that you get a fair price for your unwanted gold, the pawn broker gets market value pricing on your gold and everyone goes away happy. Still think these shops aren’t fair?

Try us out today right here in Huntington Beach and we can help you value your items and get you cash the same day. Pawn Shop Huntington Beach is located on Goldenwest Or feel free to call to learn more right over the phone at (714) 465-4950(714) 465-4950.

Posted at April 26th, 2010.

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