Silver Pawn Shop

Looking For a Local Silver Pawn Shop in Orange County

Get an instant cash pawn on your silver. Regardless of what kind of silver or sterling you have, we can loan you the cash you need in less than 5 minutes with no credit checks.  Our silver pawn shop will loan you money on;

silver bullion, sterling silver flatware or holloware, silver coins, silverware or sterling tea sets, sterling silver trays, silver jewelry, silverware, forks, spoons, knives,  or any silver piece that is marked sterling or.925. We also pawn cash for silver bars, silver bullion, gold coins, gold bars and bullion.

Pawn Silver to Pawn Shop Huntington Beach with confidence!

Silver Pawn Shop

Pawn Gold or Pawn Silver to where you can get you as much as three times what some competitors pay! And the best part is we are local, state licensed dealers right here in Orange County with locations in Huntington Beach and Lake Forest, Ca.

So, if you are asking: “Where do I pawn silver?” or “Where do I sell silver?” you have landed at the best place.

There a other Cash for Silver places in southern California, but none have the epxert staff or the experience to value your items correctly.

We invite you to read through our website pages to learn more on How To Pawn Silver. Then, read all our customer reviews to see why Cash for Gold Orange County is your Best Place To Sell Silver!

Got questions? Call us today at 714-465-4950 and we will be happy to answer any questions or set up a convenient appointment to have your silver appraised.

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