Five Gold Items Pawnshop Want to Buy

Are you looking for an innovative way to gain access to instant cash? Today’s economy marks a moment in time in which gold brokers are paying top dollar to those who sell gold in its many forms. The following are items that are garnering cash from leading pawn brokers:

  • Gold Coins and Gold Bars – Gold bullion and gold bars are currently quite valuable. The current market rate for gold is above $1600, which is up from a few weeks prior. A pawn broker who specializes in buying gold bullion and bars will be eager to purchase your gold.
  • Gold Jewelry – High quality gold jewelry is also going for top dollar. Seek out a pawn broker with extensive reseller channels and you will most likely be offered a fair amount of cash.
  • Gold Watches – Gold branded watches such as Rolex, TAG, Omega, and Bulgari are quite popular with high-end pawn shops around the country. The secret is to find a pawn shop that specializes in buying watches and you will be in good shape.
  • Scrap Gold Dental – Gold brokers are also quite interested in buying high-quality scrap gold used in dental work. If you have recently had gold pieces removed and replaced with other materials while visiting the dentist, you have the power to sell it to a pawn broker.
  • Antique Gold – There are numerous antiques that adorn homes that feature gold. Reach out to a pawnshop that specializes in antiques and they may have a deep appreciation for the piece you are trying to sell.

Pawnbrokers are also seeking to buy silver, platinum, diamonds, and other precious metals and stones. When you reach out to the right shop, you will be amazed at how readily they will offer you cash.

Prior to selling gold, silver, platinum, and/or diamonds, make sure you do your research. Have the piece appraised so that you can be certain you are getting the most cash possible.

Without a doubt, now is the perfect time to sell gold and other precious items to a pawn shop Huntington Beach. Simply seek out a pawn broker that you can trust and make a deal that works for you!

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