Discovering Hidden Treasures at High End Pawn Shops

Rolex Pawn ShopOne beautiful day in Orange County California, Jill took a handful of cash that she had been setting aside for a few years. Her heart raced as she thought of what she was about to buy. For years, Jill had wanted to purchase a Rolex watch to wear in meetings, sport on weekends and enjoy during dinner parties. She had worked hard and felt that it was time to go for it.

With a budget of $3,500 to find the Rolex President of her dreams, she began to walk through town and found herself standing in front of a high end pawnshop. In its window was the watch of her dreams:  a gold Rolex President with a fluted bezel. She giggled to herself thinking that it was a silly proposition to set foot inside of a pawn shop in Huntington Beach, but she felt a bit adventurous.

Once inside, she was pretty amazed at how nice the pawn shop was and began to browse. A representative of the shop approached her and asked if there were anything in particular she wanted to take a look at. Assuming that the watch in the window was probably a fake or flawed in some way, she communicated this to the broker. “The watch is in perfect shape,” was the answer she got in return. “Why don’t you take a look?” She then handed it to Jill who put it on her wrist. It was everything she wanted and more. She then looked at the price tag and was amazed to find that it was $2,500.

Realizing that she may be able to save $1,000 on her dream watch, she became very interested. The broker walked Jill through the telltale signs that proved the watch was real and provided the original box. Not wanting to make a hasty decision, Jill put the item on hold and walked down to the watch shop down the road. There she found the same exact watch and tried it on. They looked, felt and worked exactly the same.

It wasn’t a hard decision for Jill to make. She practically ran from the watch shop and down the street to claim her used Rolex watch, while saving $1,000.

The moral of the story = A used Rolex watch in great condition is a Rolex watch…period! A reputable pawnbroker can help you save and make your dreams come true!!

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