Gain Top Dollar Antiques and Estate Pieces

Estate Jewlery PawnHave you found yourself the owner of rare antiques and estate pieces that you inherited from a relative or friend that you don’t quite know what to do with? In the case that you are trying to figure out what to do with them, you may consider having them appraised by a high-end pawn shop. You may be thinking to yourself…”a pawn shop?”

People are quite shocked to find out that there are high-end pawn shops pay top dollar for rare antiques and estate pieces. In fact, this “new breed” of pawn shops tends to pay more than most antique dealers because of their extensive connections with resellers throughout the country.

How to Know You Are Getting the Best Deal?

Antiques and estate pieces are quite fun to research. They tend to have lives of their own as they’ve traveled throughout the decades and centuries. As featured on The Antiques Road Show, you never quite know what you have in front of you until dare yourself to discover a piece’s history.

To gain a better understanding of the piece you want to sell, try the following:

  1. Research the piece’s history including who made it, where it comes from, what period it’s from and more. You can do this by researching online, going to the library and reading antique books, roaming around antique shops and asking questions of similar pieces and more. It is important to remember that just because a piece is old doesn’t mean that it is valuable. A pieces value has a lot to do with market trends and what is hot.
  2. Research the item’s materials. What type of wood was used to build it? What are the nobs and surfaces made of? If you have any precious metals, you may want to look into a gold pawn shop.
  3. Look for identifying marks, designer names and serial numbers on the piece’s underside and in drawers.
  4. The condition of an item’s worth is also very important. During an appraisal an antique expert will look for cracks, defects, finish condition, missing parts or pieces, flaws, stains and marks. The better condition the piece the better.
  5. Have the piece appraised by an antique dealer. Remember that by having it appraised, it doesn’t mean you have to sell it. It’s also a great idea to have the piece appraised by a few parties before settling on the final price.

Whatever you do, make the process fun and don’t be surprised if you are sitting on a small fortune! There have been many who have inherited pieces that they placed in the garages where the pieces fell apart. Much too late, they found out that the item was priceless. And whatever you do, give a high-end pawn shops in Huntington Beach a try! Many are in search of rare antiques and are willing to pay much more than a dealer.

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