Loans For People With Bad Credit

Loans for People With Bad Credit

If you are one of the many people in today’s economy in need of cash and don’t have perfect credit to get a traditional bank loan, pawn shops are most likely your best option.  Pawn Shops make loans based solely on the value of the property that is pledged as collateral for  the loan so good credit is not necessary.  At Huntington Beach Pawn Shops here on Goldenwest Street, we can make you a loan using your gold, jewelry, car, truck, diamond ring, Rolex watch, or any other jewelry items of value.  Our pawn loans take just 15 minutes.

We service all cities in Orange County and Long Beach, CA too.  Give us a call and we can give you more information on how our jewelry pawns work. Many people call us each day and ask “how do pawn loans work”, or “how much can i borrow”.

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