7 Items High End Pawn Shops Are Willing to Pay Top Dollar For

Pawn a DiamondMore and more individuals are realizing that high-end pawn shops are looking for valuable goods to purchase in today’s economy! On the flip side, consumers are in need of extra cash and looking for ways to make ends meet while searching for a job or trying to manage after a dramatic pay cut.

It’s no secret that pawn shops have been around for centuries, as even back in ancient Rome the pawn business was in full swing!  In the case that you are looking to gain instant cash, the following is a list of the hottest items that pawnshops may pay top dollar for:

  1. Gold, Gold, Gold! Gold prices are skyrocketing as they edge toward $2000 per ounce. Pawn brokers are definitely in the market to buy gold bullion & bars, gold jewelry, gold watches and more. The purer the gold, the better! 
  2. Platinum & Silver. Platinum and silver are also hot items, with platinum also rising toward $2000 per ounce and silver around $40 per ounce, this is a great time to gain top cash for selling silver or platinum. This includes everything from coins to jewelry and watches. 
  3. Diamonds and other precious stones. It goes without saying that the rarer and more precious the stone the more cash that will be granted. 
  4. Watches. Rare/Valuable watches are gaining a lot of traction in pawn shops. Selling Rolex or other top branded watches garners top dollar.
  5. Electronics. Some high-end pawn shops are very interested in top-of-the-line flat panel televisions, computer monitors, laptops, kitchen appliances and more. This is a perfect option for those who are forced to downsize following a foreclosure, loss of job or change in lifestyle. 
  6. Cars! Many are unaware that some pawn shops are in the market for cars, as they have large reseller channels, and may even be able to provide more cash than a car dealer. Some pawn shops also offer auto pawns or title loans in the case that consumers want to keep their car and borrow against its equity. 
  7. Antiques and Estate Pieces. Rare antiques and estate pieces can lead to a sizable amount of cash. It’s important to really look into the history of a piece and gain a solid estimation of its value prior to selling.

Huntington Beach pawn shops and other high end pawnshops offer many opportunities to gain cash. Whether you are looking to sell an item or gain a pawn loan, you are sure to find a lucrative deal in today’s market!


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