Downsizing? High-End Pawn Shops Willing to Pay Top Dollar for Unique Items!

Antiques Pawn ShopsThe news is continuously making homeowners aware of high-end pawn shops that are taking the world by storm. As many Baby Boomers are downsizing either because of retirement of economic hardship, families are increasingly turning to innovative pawn shops for top dollar.

Popular items making their way into high-end pawn shops include:

–       Exclusive art

–       Jewelry

–       Precious metals

–       Exquisite flatware and stemware

–       Antiques

–       Top-quality furniture

–       Precious metals

It’s not only about pawn loans these days as people are wanting to let go of items and sell them for as much as they can make. Rather than sell items to individuals it is much easier to visit a high-end pawn shop and gain instant cash.

How to Get Top Dollar for Your Items

Looking to sell or pawn high end items as you downsize? Here are some tips for gaining top dollar:

  • Appraise your items before trying to sell them: Look for like items online, on e-bay, etc. and work to understand their worth. Know what you want for each item before you go to a pawn shop, and don’t be afraid to shop around.

  • Make sure you trust the dealer. When working with a dealer surrounding high-end items, you should get a good feeling about them. They should be willing to talk you through the process and spell everything out so that you can understand. You shouldn’t feel pressured or forced into acting too fast.

  • Provide the dealer as much information on an item as you can. Share receipts, original packaging & certificates, etc. This will help the dealer know more about the object. You can also find information and articles online to print and bring along with you.

You will be surprised at how easy the process has become, and when you find the right dealer gaining instant cash is as easy as 1-2-3.

The same is true for those looking to purchase top-quality items for less money. Discerning shoppers are finding that they can purchase everything from Rolex to Andy Warhol paintings to diamond rings. Buying items from high-end pawn shops is something that everyone should give a chance!

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