How to Make the Most of a Pawn Loan

Pawn on JewelryHave you recently been considering a pawn loan, but aren’t quite sure if it is a good decision? The truth of the matter is that pawning a valuable item isn’t the best idea for everyone, yet it can be amazingly beneficial for others.

For example, say you have a rare Rolex watch that you know is worth thousands of dollars and have an instant need for cash. If you are in debt up to your ears and are not sure that you will be gaining an influx of cash in the near future, you probably have a high chance of defaulting on the loan and losing possession of your Rolex.

On the other hand, if you are short on cash for a short period of time and know you will have a boost in personal income in a couple of weeks or months, you have the power to pay the loan off quickly and retain your Rolex.

Pawn loans are based on utilizing a specific item as collateral for a loan. If you break the terms of the loan and fail to pay it back, the pawn shop has the right to keep your item.

The Secret to Success with Pawn Loans

The sooner you pay the pawn shop off, the better. Pawn loans are very similar to traditional loans where interest rates are concerned. The longer it takes to pay off your loan, the more expensive it is over time.

Additionally, it is vital that you find a pawn shop Huntington Beach broker that you trust. In today’s world, there are numerous pawnshops out there. No matter if you pawn jewelry, watches, gold, silver, or antiques, make sure that the broker is willing to answer your questions and provide you plenty of time to read over all loan terms and conditions.

Other Options

In the case that a pawn loan isn’t for you, you can also sell Rolex or jewelry to high end pawn shops. With precious metal prices soaring, this is the perfect time to sell jewelry and watches.

Additionally, you can consider a payday loan or auto tile loan to help you make ends meet.

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What Pawn Shops Can Offer You in 2012

Cash for 2012Happy New Years to you! As you dive into January, we hope to provide you a handful of exciting thoughts and ideas surrounding how you can benefit from pawn shops.

You have recently read or heard that 2011 was a record year for many pawn shops around the world.  Their success is the result of more and more people turning to them for help rather than gaining loans from traditional financial institutions.

What High-End Pawn Shops Can Do For You

  • Provide Pawn Loans for Immediate Cash. When you are in need of instant cash, you can take a loan out against a valuable object such as jewelry, gold, antiques, cars, and watches. Just keep in mind that you must pay your pawn loan back in full or risk losing the object.

The basic difference between a pawn loan and a bank loan is that a bank loans you money as an act of faith that you will pay it back. A loan from a pawnbroker is provided when an object is used as collateral for cash.

  • Sell Valuable Items for Cash. You can also sell a valuable item outright for instant cash. Say you want to gain top dollar for a Rolex watch, diamond ring, antique, or gold bullion. If a high-end pawn shop finds your object valuable, you can greatly benefit financially.
  • Buy Value Items at Discounted Prices. On the market for an engagement ring or Rolex Watch? High-end pawn shops sometimes sell Rolex and jewelry for highly discounted prices. This allows for you to gain access to items that would be outside of your budget if you attempted to purchase them new.

Other Services Offered at Pawn Shops
Many pawn shops offer other forms of loans such as car title loans, cash advances, and payday loans. Each loan type is available without a credit check and is granted even to those with low credit scores. The key to making the most of such a loan is to pay it off as soon as possible, as interest rates and fees can rise quickly.

We hope that the above information has helped you understand more what pawn shops have to offer. In today’s world, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with a Pawnshop Huntington Beach as you move into 2012. You never know when such a relationship can come in handy!

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How to Get a Motorcycle Pawn Loan

Motorcycle PawnAre you in desperate need of cash and looking for a short-term loan? If you are the owner of a motorcycle of any kind and own it outright, you may be able to gain a motorcycle pawn loans to help you make ends meet.

How a Motorcycle Pawn Loan Works

To gain an instant loan, all you have to do is bring your motorcycle in to a certified pawnshop Huntington Beach and have its value appraised. Once its value assessed, you will be given the ability to borrow against a certain amount. For instance, if your motorcycle is assessed at $5,000, you can borrow either a fraction of its worth or the full amount.

What Is Needed for Loan Approval

The approval process is quite simple. All you have to do is provide: (1) Proof of ownership in the form of a motorcycle title, (2) Proof of insurance, and (3) State driver’s license.

In the case that you have poor credit, you don’t have to worry! A pawn loan doesn’t require a credit check and isn’t reported to credit agencies. The loan is granted against the value of the item pawned. In the case you can’t pay it back, your motorcycle is used as leverage. Thus, if you are uncertain as to whether you will be able to pay the loan back, you may want to consider another form of funding.

Tips for Pawn Loan Success

To effectively take advantage of “motorcycle pawns,” you should:

  • Pay the loan back as soon as possible. The longer it takes to pay a loan back, the more interest you will pay.
  • Make all monthly payments. Just like a traditional loan, you make monthly payments. If you miss a payment, you may be subject to additional fees and/or increased interest rates.
  • Know all terms. Carefully review all terms and conditions surrounding your loan before signing an agreement. Don’t rush the process or be afraid to ask questions.

Finally, it is essential to find a pawnbroker that you trust. In today’s economy, there are a growing number of brokers to choose from. Shop around until you find just the right one!

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Pawn Shops for Holiday Cash & High Quality Gifts

Pawn Shops Huntington BeachAs the holidays are quickly approaching, many savvy consumers are both gaining much needed cash and finding amazing gifts at high-end pawnshops around the country. Major newspapers around the US, including the Wall Street Journal and Salt Lake Tribune are reporting that pawn shops are increasingly becoming the hotspot for finding top quality jewelry, and even hard-to-find pre-owned Rolex watches.

The reason for increased inventories at high-end pawnshops is two-fold: (1) The challenging economy has inspired many men and women to receive jewelry loans  (2) With the inflated price of gold over the past few months, consumers have cashed in on gold jewelry and watches.

It has become quite clear that purchasing expensive watches and jewelry from major stores doesn’t make as much sense as it once did. For example, it is possible to find a barely used Rolex from a high-end pawn shop for up to 70 percent less than a new one. This leaves quite a bit of room for purchasing your dream Rolex, rather than a brand new low-end model from an overpriced jewelry store. The sky is the limit at the right pawn shop!

In the case that you are looking to gain some extra cash for the holidays, you can still cash in on gold. Its price is currently rising and sits today at about $1690 an ounce. You can either sell gold or pawn gold.

Difference between Selling and Pawning

There is quite a big difference between selling and pawning an item. When you sell, you turn your item over to a pawn broker and are provided instant cash.

When an item is pawned, a loan agreement is drawn up and the item pawned is used as collateral. For instance, if you choose to pawn a diamond ring, a loan will be provided at a certain amount with a set of terms for payment. If you fail to pay off the loan, the diamond ring is kept by the pawnshop.  When pawning a precious item, you should have a defined plan for paying it off or risk losing the item.

The power to sell or pawn high valued items is a great way to fund your holidays. The secret is to find a high quality shop that you can trust. Wishing you an amazing holiday season!

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Covering Your Rent with a Pawn Loan

Pawn Gold to Pay RentAre you having a hard time making rent this month and need a short-term loan? It can be quite difficult to get a bank loan in today’s economy, especially if you have a low credit score or recent bankruptcy. Whatever you do, don’t lose hope as you navigate through your financial woes.

To make ends meet you may want to take on a second job, look for a more lucrative career, or consider taking pawn loans. This popular, non-traditional loan will see you use a possession as collateral in an effort to gain instant cash when financially strained.

Common Items Pawned

  • Jewelry. One can easily pawn gold and other precious metals such as silver and platinum in today’s economy.
  • Diamonds. Pawn diamonds for top dollar at high-end pawn shops.
  • Watches. Top quality watches such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, and other prestigious brands are ideal for gaining much needed cash.
  • Estate pieces, antiques, and art. Rare family heirlooms can be quite valuable. When pawning, it is important to fully research their worth to gain the most equitable loan.
  • Electronics. Items such as flat panel TVs, computers, iPads, and iPhones can provide some cash. They aren’t as valuable as precious metals or diamonds, but they can help make ends meet.
  • Cars. An auto pawn can help you raise a substantial amount of cash. To obtain one, you must own the car outright and be able to provide proof of ownership.

The Definition of a Pawn Loan

A pawn loan allows for you to gain cash while using a valuable item as collateral. Unlike a traditional loan in which a lending institution decides to grant a loan based on faith and one’s credit score, if one cannot repay a pawn loan, the item becomes the property of the pawnbroker. Each month you are required to make a minimum payment by a specific day. In the case that a payment isn’t met, fees and increased interest rates are applied to the loan. The sooner you pay off the loan, the less interest you will pay.

If you have found yourself short on cash for rent, this may be a perfect option for you and your family. It is important to find a lender that you trust and know exactly to what terms you are agreeing.

Find a highly regarded pawnshop Orange County as you work through your financial struggles. It may truly help you find your footing!

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The History of Pawn Shops

History of PawnshopsDid you know that pawn shops are considered by many historians as humanity’s oldest financial institution? Pawnshops began 3,000 years ago within ancient China. One can also trace their history to both Roman and Greek societies. This may come as a surprise to you, as you may think they are an American development.

Throughout history, people of all statures and classes have utilized one or more of the many pawnbrokers around the world. The mission for pawnbrokers in the early days was to provide ways for people to make ends meet and survive the sometimes harsh world. In the 14th century, it was recorded that King Edward III of England was a big fan of pawn shops. In fact, during his free time he could be found wandering through his favorite shops in Europe.

Also, prior to Christopher Columbus’ journey to the new world, Queen Isabella funded his expedition by pawning the official crown jewels. Can you believe that without the pawn concept, the course of history may have taken a completely different turn? Maybe Columbus wouldn’t have ever reached the Americas!

You’ll also probably be amazed to find that Saint Nicholas (i.e. Santa clause) has been considered by modern-day pawnbrokers as the “Patron Saint of Pawnbrokers.” He was given this title because he dared to spread generosity and good vibes to people throughout the world. To celebrate St. Nick’s good heart, many pawn shop owners hang three gold balls above shop doors to welcome his spirit and offer good luck to everyone who walks through the door.

As pawn shops have evolved, it has become quite common for them to become highly specialized. It is possible in today’s world to find specialists in jewelry, gold, Rolex and other valuable watches, cars, estate furniture, high art, electronics, home appliances, and even skateboards.  Orange country pawn shops are no exception. It is possible to find the perfect shop to fit nearly any need.

Are you searching for a trusted pawnbroker or to learn more about the concept of pawning? Read as much as you can online, carefully research the item’s pawn shop prices, and then go for it!

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Pawn Shop Prices

Get Pawn Shop Prices To Review

pawn shop pricesYesterday, it was reported in the Wall Street Journal that Americans are increasingly turning to pawn shops for jewelry loans, gold loans and small loans on estate pieces, automobiles, electronic gadgets and watches. It is also quite common to find families with valuable assets selling to pawnshops in an effort to liquidize and increase their cash worth.

As result, amazing pawn shop prices on highly prized items such as Rolex watches, rare jewelry and other items are inspiring millions of consumers to buy from high-end pawnshops.

The following are reasons may help you understand why pawn shops are becoming more popular in the current economy:

  • Pawn shop prices help consumers save considerably. Imagine finding your dream Rolex watch and discovering that you can actually afford it! Or what if you could save thousands of dollars on a rare and priceless engagement ring? Consumers are often amazed at what they can find at high-end pawn shops. Because of recent increases in inventories, it is quite common to find beautiful items that are just like new. Pre-owned Rolex are often times available for 50 percent less than a new Rolex, while exquisite pre-owned jewelry is available for a fraction of their original price. The key is to shop around until you find the exact item you are looking for and strike up a great deal!
  • Reputable pawn shops offer top dollar for valuables. Because gaining credit from banks and other lenders has become more difficult, people are becoming more aware of pawnbroker services. Pawn shops in Orange County California are able to offer instant cash for sold items and competitive interest rates on pawn loans. The reason for improved rates is correlated with the increase in demand for instant loans by individuals and families who need them most.
  • Pawn loans don’t hinge on credit scores or reports. A growing number of Americans have low credit scores have recently undergone bankruptcy or home foreclosure. In an effort to get back on their feet, they need enough cash to survive. Pawn loans don’t require a credit check or hinge on past credit activity. When a loan is granted, isn’t reported to credit agencies. The entire process hinges on one’s ability to make monthly payments, using the item pawned as collateral if a loan default occurs.

If you haven’t yet discovered the amazing pawn shop prices or opportunities for pawn loans, you should definitely give pawn shops Huntington Beach a try at 15182 Goldenwest Street Suite 102, Huntington Beach, CA 92683. You’ll be amazed at how developing a relationship with a reputable pawn shop can enhance your life!

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Pawn Shop Locator

Pawn Shop Locator Tool

Pawn Shop LocatorAre you in need of instant cash or searching for a great deal on valuable jewelry, watches, or another specific item? The beauty of today’s world is that there are a wide variety of pawn shops for your convenience and benefit.

Here are a few pawn shop locator tips to help you find the right partner:

  1. Clearly identify your need. Know exactly what you are looking to accomplish at a pawn shop and carefully research.  For instance, if you are looking to pawn or sell a valuable piece of jewelry, study its worth and work to find  pawn shops that have a demand for the particular piece. The same is true if you are thinking of purchasing items from pawn shop locations.  In the case that you are looking for a pre-owned Rolex, have a solid idea of what model you are looking for and how much you perceive its worth.
  2. Look for specialists. There are a wide variety of pawn shops out there. Some are generalists and others specialists. If you have a valuable piece of jewelry, watch, antique, automobile, etc., it is better that you work with a pawnbroker who understands the object’s worth. Some dealers specialize in Jewelry and gold, others in electronics, and some in home appliances. The more specific you can get, the more competitive deal you are likely receive when gaining a loan, selling an item, or purchasing a pre-owned product.
  3. 3.     Work with a broker you trust. Once you have gone through the pawn shop locator process and begin to visit pawn shops in Orange County, you should definitely pay close attention to quality of service. It’s vital that you don’t take jewelry loans or other loans from pawnbrokers that give you a bad feeling. Make sure that you always feel they have your beast interest at heart. This includes taking ample time to spell all terms and conditions out, answering your questions, and providing you a competitive deal.

Pawn shops Huntington Beach is a good place to start for pawning or selling jewelry, gold, Rolex watches and other high end items. Our address is 15182 Goldenwest Street Suite 102, Huntington Beach, CA 92683. If you are in another area or searching for a pawn shop that specialize in particular products, Google can serve as the perfect pawn shop locator.  We wish you luck on your quest to find the best deal!


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Tips for De-cluttering Your Home and Making a Profit

Organize GarageA wise man once stated, “you probably only need about 20% of whatever you own.” In fact, if you were to roam through your home and inventory things you don’t need, things you don’t want, and things you’ve been meaning to get rid of for years, you’d probably discover that the 20% rule is quite true.

By getting rid of excess baggage, you will be amazed at how much better you feel. Also, you may be quite amazed at how much cash you can gain in the process! We hope the following tips will help you de-clutter your home, while helping reap the benefits of your property:

  • Organize your garage. Too many times we hold on to items that we think we will use one day, but they end up falling apart in the garage. This includes everything from furniture, to old bikes, motorcycles, cars, and exercise equipment to tools. Comb through all the items in your garage and research their worth. Antique estate pieces can be sold to pawnshops or sold online for quite a bit, along with other valuable items.
  • Clean out your jewelry box. You may be the possessor of old jewelry that you never wear. Instead of hiding it away in a box, you may want to sell to a high-end pawn shop. With gold and precious metals prices soaring, you may never have a better chance at gaining top dollar when you sell gold, silver or platinum.

  • Empty your bonus closets. Why is it that we tend to fill our extra closets to the brim? Instead of clearing them out, we hold on to each and every item for security. You can get rid of and possibly sell electronics gear, old records, clothing, collectables, music and more.

  • Get rid of excess books. Are your bookshelves teeming with books you have already read and/or may never read? Dare yourself to cut your book collection down. Once you determine which ones you want to eliminate from your collection, you can sell to a used bookstore or online.

Once you go through the process of de-cluttering your home and your life, you will not only feel energized, you will have some extra cash in your pocket. Plus, you’ll develop a great relationship with high-end Huntington Beach pawn shops that you trust!

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The Truth about Diamonds and Gold in Today’s Economy

Selling Diamond MarketIn a recent report by Fox Business, the value of diamonds and gold was analyzed with the goal of revealing which of the two holds more value in today’s economy. This is important to consumers for a number of reasons as we navigate through the maze of trying to figure out which valuables to keep and which to sell for top dollar. The report indicates that selling or pawning gold will bring more cash in today’s market than selling or pawning diamonds.

Here are a variety of reasons as to why gold is more valuable than diamonds today:

  • Gold has soared in value by 26 percent this year alone, while diamond values have dropped by 9 percent in 2011.
  • The diamond market isn’t currently as liquid as gold. This doesn’t mean diamonds aren’t positive investments; however, they just aren’t as in demand.
  • Diamonds are a luxury item, while gold is more of a commodity.
  • Gold is a hot item because of global uncertainty. Instability in Europe and in the US causes the price of gold to rise exponentially.
  • The weak dollar directly affects gold prices by driving them up, but doesn’t have as much of an effect on diamonds. In fact, because diamonds are considered a luxury item their value can be driven down when currencies weaken.

The report also mentioned more and more Americans are turning to pawn shops for loans because of lost wages and difficulty gaining access to credit lines. It also makes the point that just because gold prices are soaring and diamond prices dipping doesn’t mean pawnshops won’t offer solid loans with diamonds as collateral. It all depends on the value and quality of the piece.

In the case that you hold gold and are looking to find a gold pawn or sell to a dealer, you are in a power position. With gold prices just above $1800, this is a perfect time to leverage the precious metal’s worth. The secret to your success is finding Huntington Beach pawn shops that you trust and making the best deal possible.

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