The History of Pawn Shops

History of PawnshopsDid you know that pawn shops are considered by many historians as humanity’s oldest financial institution? Pawnshops began 3,000 years ago within ancient China. One can also trace their history to both Roman and Greek societies. This may come as a surprise to you, as you may think they are an American development.

Throughout history, people of all statures and classes have utilized one or more of the many pawnbrokers around the world. The mission for pawnbrokers in the early days was to provide ways for people to make ends meet and survive the sometimes harsh world. In the 14th century, it was recorded that King Edward III of England was a big fan of pawn shops. In fact, during his free time he could be found wandering through his favorite shops in Europe.

Also, prior to Christopher Columbus’ journey to the new world, Queen Isabella funded his expedition by pawning the official crown jewels. Can you believe that without the pawn concept, the course of history may have taken a completely different turn? Maybe Columbus wouldn’t have ever reached the Americas!

You’ll also probably be amazed to find that Saint Nicholas (i.e. Santa clause) has been considered by modern-day pawnbrokers as the “Patron Saint of Pawnbrokers.” He was given this title because he dared to spread generosity and good vibes to people throughout the world. To celebrate St. Nick’s good heart, many pawn shop owners hang three gold balls above shop doors to welcome his spirit and offer good luck to everyone who walks through the door.

As pawn shops have evolved, it has become quite common for them to become highly specialized. It is possible in today’s world to find specialists in jewelry, gold, Rolex and other valuable watches, cars, estate furniture, high art, electronics, home appliances, and even skateboards.  Orange country pawn shops are no exception. It is possible to find the perfect shop to fit nearly any need.

Are you searching for a trusted pawnbroker or to learn more about the concept of pawning? Read as much as you can online, carefully research the item’s pawn shop prices, and then go for it!

Posted at January 15th, 2016.

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